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Google Adwords or Google�s pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign is an innovative approach, which offers best return on investment. By employing this strategy you can maximize your website visibility and target a maximum number of consumers. It is a cost effective means, wherein you need to make the payment based on click-through, which is the total number of times the users actually click on your website link.

Some of the terminologies frequently linked with Google Adwords have been discussed below:

Cost-per-click (CPC)

In the CPC pricing model, the price is charged based on the number times your ads are actually clicked by the visitors. That is, unless and until the ad is clicked you won�t be charged anything, even if it gets displayed on the screen.

Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)

Nonetheless, in CPM pricing model, the advertisers will be charged an amount for every single viewing of their web page or banner ad, whether a visitor hits on it or not. The payment is based on the bidding you make for every 1000 impressions your web page or banner ad receives and the prominence is given to advertisers who pay more.

Quality Score

Quality Score is a technique, basically used for evaluating the efficacy of your keywords that influences your minimum bid. It is calculated based on many parameters including your keyword�s click-through rate, visitor�s search query, ad copy relevancy and other relevant factors. You can increase your ROI by enhancing your keyword�s quality score as higher the score, the lower will be your minimum bid and ultimately maximize your ad position.

Minimum bid

It is the amount assigned to each keyword and, which determines the triggering of ads for these keywords. It basically depends on the quality of the keywords and ad text. That is, high quality keywords will have minimum bids and vice versa.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

CTR is the total number of times your ad has been actually clicked by the users. The efficacy of the ads is evaluated through CTR i.e., the more number of clicks your ad receives; the higher will be the CTR. It is calculated as Number of ad clicks/number of impression x 100.

Google Adwords Advertising: Premium Web Services

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You ca be assured of getting the best services as we deal with some of the leading Pay Per Click Ad-campaign companies. Our online advertising strategies are framed so that the clients have to pay less to Google and at the same time get maximum number of quality clicks. Our motive is to offer optimized SEO services that gets highest ranking for your website and brings more traffic to your site.

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